When it comes to shady connections and real issues, Obama = McCain

It’s been pretty exciting to see increased interest in this site as the election gets closer.  People are doing honest-to-god research on the candidates, including Nader.  The most common search term that seems to bring people here is “why I should vote Nader.”

Today, though, I saw a new one: “Nader’s dirty laundry”

I guess this means that people want to know the scandalous details about candidates.  Worse, it suggests that people expect scandalous details about candidates.

So I did a search for myself, on Google, with “Nader dirty laundry”, “Nader scandal”, etc., and the only things that come up are everyone else’s scandals and dirty laundry, with Nader always giving the commentary.

The important thing is that Nader doesn’t associate with pre-fascist preachers and mafia types like McCain and Obama, and doesn’t have connections to crooks like Ted Stevens.

If you’re here looking for a reason not to vote Nader, there are plenty more reasons not to vote Obama or McCain.  They’re both on the right wing of the corporate party and they won’t end the occupation of Iraq, they won’t give us universal health care, they won’t impeach Bush & Cheney.  McCain & Obama will continue to bail out corporations while American citizens scramble to pay for food and gas, they will continue to kill innocent Iraqis and Afghanis in your name, they will continue to make you “pay or die” in the hospital, they will continue to look past Israel’s inhumane treatment of Palestinians.  In other words, Obama/McCain will not make any changes whatsoever to the status quo.


~ by Daniel on 30 October, 2008.

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