Social Security Swindle — don’t let McCain make a sucker out of working Americans

I have lately been thinking about the various claims made regarding Social Security.  It always starts with the promise that there won’t be any money left when my/your/their generation reaches retirement age because there are so many Boomers and it will all be just too expensive.  “But wait,” they say, “let’s give Americans this money now and let them put it in stocks!”

Where would Americans be right now if that money had been put in stocks, instead of kept safe in Al Gore’s so-called “lockbox”?

What really happens if we take Social Security and put it in the market?  We have the government forcing Americans to invest in companies and assume the associated risks.  This is the definition of corporate socialism — government making sure the gains will be privatized while the losses will be socialized.  Of course, in boom times, this option looks attractive, but the value of a stock is not pre-destined or guaranteed to be higher than it is the day you buy it.  What happens when the public takes a bath on investments and people who’ve worked hard all their lives have nothing to show for it at retirement time?  They’ll have to keep on working like desperate wage-slaves, just what corporations want.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says in his blog that “the stock market is for suckers.”  He’d know, he made his millions off of suckers, and basically admits it.  Don’t let McCain make a sucker out of you with his plan to privatize Social Security.


~ by Daniel on 30 October, 2008.

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