Allison Kilkenny explains it best

The Huffington Post has been a pretty strong Obam-apologist over the last year.  I’ve bitched about them in this space before.  If you believe in ANY progressive/human values, you’re wasting your time hoping that the Democrats will make this country any better of a place to live, yet HuffPost writers outdo each other making excuses for Obama.

So I have to give Allison Kilkenny some props for saying what nobody else will:

The so-called Progressives today are allowing Barack Obama to compromise on everything from FISA to the anti-war movement. But even as he votes for telecom immunity and talks about Afghanistan as the good war, Obama has never lied about being a Progressive. In fact, he seems rather confused that any of his followers think he’ll be anything but a centrist in the White House. Progressive groups that score Obama with a 50% approval rating seem confused by this as well.

The Progressives have pinned their hopes and dreams to a man they have asked nothing of, and they’re going to be sorely disappointed when he, in turn, does nothing for them.

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~ by Daniel on 29 October, 2008.

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