We don’t need to worry about McCain any more

With all the polls now showing Obama with a large, and widening, lead over John McCain, I’d like to take this moment to encourage all the progressives who vote Democrat for fear of Republican rule to now consider voting for Mr. Nader.  The corporations have already chosen Obama to be the president, so you need not fear the possibility of a McCain presidency.

Nader is the only candidate with a true progressive platform that includes free health care, decreased military spending, and impeachment of President Bush.  Nader is also the only candidate who rejected the bailout bill in its entirety and would have vetoed any such idea to reward corporate failure by penalizing the public with more debt.

You don’t need to fear McCain anymore.  Let’s vote Nader and show our numbers.


~ by Daniel on 17 October, 2008.

3 Responses to “We don’t need to worry about McCain any more”

  1. Yup, the mcPain boogie man is dead and gone. Alas, most of the so called “progressives” who have been apologizing for their obamessiah are running around screaming that the polls should not be trusted. There is also the push to give the dirty dems a filibuster proof majority in the legislature to keep the fools rushing to the polls to elect dems who will do nothing for us. Add the corpoRATe media blackout of Nader, and it looks like the two parties of the apocalypse will steal another election…

    repub = dem

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  2. When you throw in the cell phone polls, Obama’s lead gains almost 3%. At this point, the only way the pre-fascist party can win is through criminal means.

    If you’re a progressive who feels guilty about NOT voting Nader, it’s pretty safe to do so now

  3. Let me see, our Manic.Depressive Nation is in a struggle to vote for what?
    More of the same trash, no matter what, is assured if the Republicans or Democrats “win” this election. We will have a minority government

    Can you take it any more; if not, why not stage a revolution.

    The USA needs a public service draft to fill the House of Representatives.

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