Obama-Biden: Upholding the Zionist narrative

The Radical Mormon grabbed some good footage of Joe Biden on Shalom TV, claiming to be a Zionist.  It reminds me again of Obama’s own pandering to the Zionist establishment, particularly AIPAC.  Obama says words like “hope” and “change” but with Israel it will be the same old routine, especially now that Biden, with his 30 years of Washington experience, joins the ticket.

Some of the highlights from this video:

Obama say there’s a “special connection” between US and Israel.  He’s right, that relationship is based on massive military funding and arms deals.

Obama also calls Israel a “Western democracy” in the Middle East, like it’s special.  In fact, Israel is only partially democratic.  It denies many rights to non-Jewish ethnicities.  It’s also not the only place in the Middle East that has democratic procedures.  Iranians have universal suffrage and a constitution that allows popular elections of many officials.  More details on Iranian government can be found here, under the heading “Government.”  So Obama is wrong on both counts.  Israel has democratic procedures but I would not call it “Western” as long as it excludes ethnic minorities from certain rights and privileges.  It is also not the only country in the Middle East that has a democratic form of government.

Biden: “I am a Zionist.  You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist”

That quote pretty much speaks for itself.

There will be no change in US foreign policy under Obama-Biden.  The US will likely continue funding Israel’s military with no stipulations on the spending of the money.  Israel will surely continue terrorizing its neighbors militarily, and be used as a US client state in the region.

Tell the government it’s time for a change.  Vote Nader in November

~ by Daniel on 26 August, 2008.

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