Millionaire McCain: “Money isn’t everything”

*Beware: sarcasm ahead*

While I’d be the first person to say money ain’t what matters, I’m also a student who spends much of my time scratching together beer money.  I know where from I speak on the matter.  Then there’s John McCain, who, according to this Politico article, owns at least four homes and married a beer heiress, altogether worth more than $100 million.  Apparently he feels the same way.  (At least he’s not elitist like Obama)

“I define rich in other ways besides income,” he said. “Some people are wealthy and rich in their lives and their children and their ability to educate them. Others are poor if they’re billionaires.” (Aw, John, doesn’t anybody love you?)

This was McCain covering his ass for defining “rich” as a $5 million annual income.  McCain also thinks the fundamentals of the economy are “very strong,” a statement he’s repeated since at least January.

Hey John, how about a reality check?  The economy sucks and many people “rich” with children are poor in the pocketbook.  Gas prices are still painfully high and that burst housing bubble is killing Wall Street, not to mention all the families who were foreclosed.  We might be rich with children and education, but we wanna buy groceries to feed those kids.  The only thing these kids are learning is “John McCain sucks.”

You even admit there are challenges, but what are you going to do about it?  First, you want to draft our children to fight — this will lessen the burden here at home, fewer mouths to feed when they die, and taxes are paying for it, anyway, not those poor millionaires.  Next, you don’t want to change our health care system — maybe you’re looking out for doctors and insurance employees?  Finally, you want to start drilling offshore today so we can get that gas 10 years in the future — hey, maybe it’ll even make gas cheaper a decade from now!

Senator McCain, you’re right, money isn’t everything.  For millions in our country right now, it’s the only thing.  Get a clue.


~ by Daniel on 21 August, 2008.

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