McCain “agrees” with draft

If you needed to know just how far out McCain’s policies would orbit, watch this Youtube clip in which McCain says he’s cool with re-instituting a draft.  (He does get a little credit since his son actually serves in Iraq.)

If this unnecessary combat engagement reaches the point of requiring a draft, it might be more worthwhile to get the hell outta there with what soldiers we have left, rather than send over waves of young Americans to continue dying for nothing

I hope Nader gets into the debates this year so that he can point out to Americans that McCain would consider sending their sons and daughters off to die on foreign soil.

~ by Daniel on 20 August, 2008.

One Response to “McCain “agrees” with draft”

  1. […] even admit there are challenges, but what are you going to do about it?  First, you want to draft our children to fight — this will lessen the burden here at home, fewer mouths to feed when they die, and […]

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