US military millks the Iraqi cash cow

This article provides another example of the financial benefits the US will reap from its invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq.  It’s not a “war for oil,” it’s a grab for petrodollars.  From the article:

Iraq is fast becoming one of the United States’ top customers for military sales. Since January 2007, Iraq has spent $3.1 billion on U.S. weapons. That number looks likely to grow exponentially as Iraq uses its vast unspent reserves of petrodollars to develop its army into a force capable of defending its borders against hostile neighbors.

It’s no wonder they don’t care about the war’s cost, someone’s gonna make money off of arms deals.  According to the article, we are paying for the US military to hawk gear to the Iraqis.

The article gives lots of dollar figures but never says where this money will go.  It also leaves out the current total cost of the Iraq occupation.  Here’s what I want to know?

  • Who is actually selling the equipment?  The US government or the manufacturers?
  • Will the sales help offset the cost of this occupation or will the money go straight to the corporations?
  • Who is going to train Iraqis to use this new equipment?  Our military or private firms?
  • In short, these questions all ask: who will benefit from these arms deals, the American public or the equipment manufacturers?

~ by Daniel on 19 August, 2008.

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