The VP sham

Are Americans stupid?  Politicians like McCain think so.  In spite of his repeated statements — that he doesn’t like the fact of abortion but respects a woman’s right to choose — he might choose a pro-life running-mate to satisfy certain members of his party’s base.

Is his base full of idiots!?  Can they not see this attempt to garner their support for what it really is — shameless pandering?  (Prior to  Dick Cheney,) Vice presidents don’t really have the power to enact significant policy changes.  Furthermore, federal abortion law is certainly not about to be overturned.

I try to give Americans more credit than McCain seems to do.  Yeah, I pick on the religious folk, but I hope they are smart enough to recognize when their ideals are being abused by a politician.  The VP is powerless to change federal abortion laws unless it comes down to a tie in the House, and that’s in the event that such legislation comes before Congress (not bloody likely).  If you don’t like McCain, does a pro-life VP really make McCain more electable to you?

Call me idealistic, but shouldn’t the VP be someone who backs up the president’s platform?  I didn’t think the position entailed covering the president’s ass (that’s the Cabinet’s job), but that’s what it’s been reduced to in elections.  If something happens to the president (knock on wood), don’t we want the next-in-line to carry out the agenda we voted for?  Given our current situation, it may be best if we don’t answer that last one …


~ by Daniel on 18 August, 2008.

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