Someone at HuffPost gets it!

Kudos to Allison Kilkenny at Huffington Post.  Unlike every other Obamapology to come out of this site, Ms. Kilkenny sees that Nader is the only real progressive choice and that he has a right to be heard.  She sees that millions of Americans are underrepresented by the two right-wing candidates we hear about every day, and that having Ralph in the debate would expose just how right-wing Obama really is.

Unfortunately, she admits that she can’t make a compelling argument to vote for him.  Yet her article does just that, describing Obama as a liberal-by-comparison to McCain’s crazy gun-nut Bible-toting platform.  So Ms. Kilkenny, if you can figure this out, why would you still feel compelled, in any capacity, to vote Obama?

But I’ll leave on a note of praise:  Ms. Kilkenny is correct, Americans’ views are highly underrepresented in the current political system and we need a third (and fourth, and fifth) voice in the debates to keep the discussion away from flag pins and on the issues that matter: universal healthcare, ending this incompetent occupation of Iraq, fighting the expansion and abuse of corporate power, impeaching the vice president and his accomplices, and ending the wasteful failure that is the “war” on drugs.

Nader is the only candidate who has talked about these issues with any credibility and who hasn’t “turned centrist.”


~ by Daniel on 14 July, 2008.

One Response to “Someone at HuffPost gets it!”

  1. It’s really quite sad when people like this allison person realizes what is wrong with the system, and then refuses to do the right thing to fix it.

    Most of the problem with these people is they really wanna support and vote for a winner. Having voted for those two losers bore and karry, they really need a win to continue to convince themselves that the dems are worth fighting for.

    Most of them really don’t care that nobama sucks as bad as mcPain. So long as it looks like nobama can win, that’s all that matters. Issues be damned…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

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