McCain & Obama confused about Social Security

According to this Yahoo! News story, Senator John McCain apparently doesn’t understand that Social Security is supposed to be paid for by all current working taxpayers. This is probably because he’s never had to scrutinize his own paycheck or met anyone else who has.

He and fellow senator/presidential candidate Barack Obama agree that it will need more money as boomers reach retirement age but can’t figure out how they’ll ever be able to allocate money from the budget in the current system.

Well, we could start by ending the “war” on drugs and making major cutbacks to our military budget.   As for the “war” on drugs, the only things we have to show for it are overcrowded prisons and unnecessary suffering by people who would benefit from medicinal marijuana.  Obama gets a gold star for paying attention, but he still flip-flops on the issue.

If you don’t think downsizing the military is a feasible solution, the Center for Arms Control and Proliferation has some pretty astounding numbers.  If we totalled the world’s military expenditures, the United States’ share of that total is 48 percent. This total is higher than the next 46 highest military budgets combined.  Does the US really need 700 military bases around the world?  And considering the military’s amateurish hijinks in Iraq and Vietnam, is it wise to have all those bases?  Is the money well spent?

It must be important to somebody in the government because they will waste lots more time and money trying to figure out how to pay for Social Security even though the problem has been looming for at least a decade.  Indeed, Senator Obama wants to further increase (!) military spending.


~ by Daniel on 10 July, 2008.

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