Democrat Congress: Corporate crime is A-OK!

The Democrats have failed Americans and the Constitution yet again.  The House and Senate, both “controlled” by Democrat majorities, decided they would give Bush his way and expand covert wiretapping by federal agencies.  Notably, Barack Obama signed in favor of the bill, which also granted amnesty to telecoms who worked with Bush’s original illegal wiretapping program.  From the Wired article:

Senator Kit Bond (R-Missouri), the top Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee, argued that the bill has plenty of court oversight, and that the nation’s telecoms shouldn’t be punished for coming to the aid of the country.

Yes, because covertly spying on Americans in violation of their Constitutional rights is surely “aiding the country.”  Oh, wait, when you said “aiding the country,” you really meant “aiding the militaristic foreign policy designs of Cheney and Bush.”

Thanks for nothing, Democrats.  You have shown, yet again, that you really just care about corporate rights and not those of individual US citizens.  You are not different from Republicans, no matter how much you try to tell us otherwise

Americans, it’s time to stop allowing corporate crime to go un-checked.  When will we learn to stop trusting Republicans and Democrats?  We can start this November.  Vote Ralph Nader and tell the corporate lackeys in Congress that violations of your rights must be investigated and prosecuted, not re-affirmed through legislation.


~ by Daniel on 10 July, 2008.

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