Democrat ball-washing never ends, despite their awful record

Apparently, plenty of people at Huffington Post believe it’s okay to pander to voters by going against what you supposedly stand for.  This is their latest excuse for backing Obama, who as far as I can tell, is not as progressive as HuffPost wants so badly to believe.

Jonathan Leigh Solomon says it’s okay to sell out sometimes.  Especially by signing away Americans’ rights and letting corporations off the hook, as with the FISA bill.  Yeah, really progressive and just what Americans need, more corporate amnesty.

Democrats have had plenty of opportunities to make changes in this country and they have not done anything differently, made no social progress.  The Democrat Congress still has our troops in Iraq after we elected them for the sole purpose of getting out.  Democrat heroes like Bill Clinton had the US in armed conflicts every 1 1/2 years. They do not care about social problems or the common American, only about corporations.

On the topic of amnesty:  Notice how illlegal immigrant workers, who pay taxes and just want to survive, still have no legal standing or recourse in this country for fear of granting “amnesty,” but corporations get it with little or no debate on the matter.  Even from so-called progressive politicians like Obama.

Obama is not progressive, he’s a panderer because his platform is not strong, original, or different enough from John McCain’s.  He won’t give us universal healthcare or education, he won’t pull troops out of Iraq, he has already shown how he feels about corporate crime.

Ralph Nader won’t sell you out for votes.  If you want a real progressive candidate who stands for American people and not for corporate criminals, vote for Ralph Nader this November.


~ by Daniel on 3 July, 2008.

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