Dead End for Progressives

Joan Walsh at calls Nader a “dead end for progressives.”  I heartily disagree.  Ralph Nader is the only true progressive in the race.

She’s right to criticize Nader’s race rhetoric (“talking white” was maybe not the best way to approach the topic, though I understand what he is saying).  But at the end of the day, the dead end for progressives is the Democrat party, and it has been for some time.  Democrats have failed us again and again and again.

It’s 2008 and we still don’t have universal healthcare or free university education.  CEOs get golden parachutes while laid off employees get nothing.  Labor unions are almost impossible to form.  Systemic racism plagues minorities as much as ever. These are the endless problems.

What have Democrats done for us lately?  Government scandals of the past eight years have come to light and gone almost completely un-scrutinized, even by a “Democrat-controlled” congress.  The US won WWII, a war fought on two fronts (!), in less time than it has taken our current, over-funded and technologically un-surpassed military to secure the city of Baghdad (five years and counting …), and Ralph Nader is the failure?

Democrats are the dead end for progressives.  Writers like Joan Walsh help maintain the status quo by getting us to accept a half-assed excuse for progressivism.  Web sites like Huffington Post and are dead ends for progressives.  They always blindly return to the complete failure that is the Democrat party, ignoring their complete inability to deliver any meaningful social change to the American people.


~ by Daniel on 3 July, 2008.

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