Pre-paid Cell Phones

Taking a break from politics for a change …

As I posted previously, my cell phone contract ends in five days and I have made the decision to switch to a combination of skype and pre-paid/no-contract cell service.  I’ve done a lot of searching around but I can’t find any definitive, simple-to-use, comparisons of pay-as-you-go cell plans.  The best I can find is Jump Mobile because they offer free, unlimited texts and incoming calls and an outgoing rate of .10 cents a minute.  Their roaming charges are steep, but I don’t travel around too much these days and I can always just stick with texting in such situations (or skype when possible).

Does anybody out there have a pay-as-you-go recommendation for a US customer who won’t be making international calls?  I’d love to hear from you.  So far, the two most attractive are Jump Mobile and Net10.


~ by Daniel on 17 June, 2008.

2 Responses to “Pre-paid Cell Phones”

  1. About 5 years ago I used Virgin mobile for a couple of years when I lived on an island off the coast of Florida. On the island I used the phone as a free pager when someone called I would see who it was then call them from the office phone. You probably could do the same with Skype.
    I only used the phones prepaid minutes when I was off the island.
    Cost me about 20 bucks every other month if I remember correctly.

  2. There are a number of pre paid options out there but I recommend Net 10 because you mentioned the price per minute and roaming. Net 10 only charges 10 cents per minute without the hidden $1 daily cost to get the special 10c price that most of the other company’s charge and Net 10 doesn’t charge extra for roaming. However it only pays you to go with Net10 if you use more than 100 – 150 minutes per month otherwise if you use less than 100 minutes per month I recommend Tracfone which will give you better savings especially with double minutes for life. Let me know what you decide. Ash

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