Why Britons Should Push for a Written Constitution

The UK government narrowly approved a measure regarding the rights of so-called terror suspects, extending their detention time without charge to 42 days(!).  Why would authorities need 42 days to charge someone if they are suspected terrorists?  Can’t they just come out and accuse them of terrorism?  Of course not!  They’ll need 42 days to search your home and interview your friends and family and hopefully concoct a believable enough story for the public to see that you “really are” a terrorist!  So now they can hold terror “suspects.”  Anybody could be a “suspect” of anything.

Remember Americans, your bill of rights is the most liberal in the world; if someone takes you somewhere, they have to charge you with something.  Don’t ever let that right be taken away, even for “terror suspects.”

~ by Daniel on 11 June, 2008.

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