More evidence that John McCain is a Corporate Tool

As reported at, John McCain’s got a lot of telecom connections.  He even thinks that Bush’s wiretapping is legally “ambiguous.”  Yeah, the US Constitution *miiight* mention it somewhere near the end.  /roll eyes

Below is a list of some people close to McCain:

  • Charlie Black, a top McCain political adviser, worked for lobbying firm BKSH until March of this year. AT&T paid the firm $120,000 for the first three months of 2008, in part to lobby for the FISA amendments. Black was listed as one of AT&T’s lobbyists.
  • The influential Wayne Berman, one of McCain’s national finance co-chairs, works for Ogilvy, a prestigious lobbying firm which represents AT&T on FISA. Berman was listed in the first quarter of 2008 as having lobbied for the company.
  • John Green, also from Oglivy, lobbied on wiretap bills and amnesty for AT&T. He now reportedly works as a full-time liaison to Congress for the McCain campaign.
  • Dan Coats, a member of the McCain’s Justice Advisory Committee, formerly lobbies for Sprint on FISA reform.

This November, don’t vote for a corporate, money-pandering tool like McCain or Obama.  Ralph Nader would never conspire with telecoms to secretly listen in on your personal conversations.

Vote for Ralph Nader and an America you can be proud of!


~ by Daniel on 11 June, 2008.

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