Censorship in the name of safety

This is by no means an endorsement of child pornography, hate or terror, but it disturbs me that people can no longer educate themselves on their finer points by accessing firsthand sources.

New York State Attorney General Cuomo has gotten ISPs to cooperate on blocking user access to content containing child pornography.  Even worse, rather than pinpointing specific sites, these ISPs have decided on a blanket ban of usenet groups.

This technically isn’t censorship because they are just preventing people from accessing these sites, but it acts to cut off newsgroups’ right to a free press and infringes on your right to access freely distributed information.  Child porn may be first, but who knows what types of sites this corporate-government alliance will decide need to be blocked next, all in the name of “safety.”

~ by Daniel on 11 June, 2008.

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