McLaughlin Group FAIL!

How the McLaughlin Group, and everyone else in the mainstream media, FAILS the public.

This morning on McLaughlin Group, there was vigorous discussion of Barack Obama’s church pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Apparently, he said things like “America is the world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism” (true) and that its foreign policy causes terrorist acts, like 9/11 (I’ve seen no evidence to counter this).

But what were McLaughlin et al. talking about? Were they giving his ideas any merit or credibility? No, they said nothing regarding Wright’s assertions. Instead, they talked about how much it would damage Obama’s image and whether or not Obama knew that his preacher was a political radical. Now, the people couldn’t deny that America has a long track record of supporting terror groups and dictatorships around the world, so rather than lie by denying it, or discuss it skeptically, which would risk legitimizing Wright’s assertions in the eyes of the public, they ignored his statements completely, thus maintaining that the truth is just another nutty conspiracy theory not worth our concern.


~ by Daniel on 4 May, 2008.

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