More American-style Fascism

It’s amazing the crap you can pull up while browsing through WordPress. There is no shortage of irrational, emotionally driven, dramatization of patriotism and religion. Today I read a post celebrating the US killing of a man alleged by the military to be an al Quaeda operative: “.Adios Murtha F*cker! I hope your 72 Virgins are all a bunch of diesel butch dyke bitches that look like Janet Reno!” The thing about this quote is that it not only manages to denigrate the entire cultural population of Islam, but also indiscriminately slurs homosexuals of all cultures.

Elsewhere, Pat Buchanan equates a projected worldwide white minority to being the end of the world. At the end, he somewhat makes up for this by conveying his hope that the new multi-racial majority treats white people better than we have treated all of them for the last 500 years. Even so, his column makes use of this racial theme to fan the flames of immigration fear-mongering and rally (white) Americans to the defense of “our way of life.”

“Sixty-two percent of Americans told Pew we should do more to protect our way of life. Three-fourths of Americans wanted more restrictions on immigration. Yet all three presidential candidates voted amnesty for the 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens.”

Last I checked, our way of life pollutes the planet, creates massive injustice globally, and leads to obesity, diabetes and depression domestically (plus that injustice/inequality thing). We should be asking what changes we can make to “our way of life,” instead of trying to perpetuate it.

The other thing I get a kick out of is the way capitalism-favoring conservatives want to decry illegal immigration. But that immigrant slave labor (be sure, even if they receive wages, they are slaves, with no legal recourse for injustices) is what allows us to keep our goods and services so cheap. If anything, illegal immigrants deserve our thanks for slaughtering our livestock, serving our guacamole, and mowing our lawns without a pension plan or health insurance. Mexicans, in particular, leave behind a country where the government assists in medical situations, to come here and be slaves.  Be mindful of anti-immigration rhetoric, it’s incredibly similar to the anti-Semitism that permeated Nazi Germany.

In other examples of pre-fascism, a presidential candidate, John McCain, proudly accepts backing from Reverend John Hagee of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio.  This reverend preaches anti-intellectualism (the banning of books) and hate-mongering of non-Christians, he also believes people should starve if they don’t work.  But what about people who can’t get jobs?  Watch the video below:

He calls abortion “state-sponsored murder” but supports the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq and its subsequent civilian bloodbath.

~ by Daniel on 3 May, 2008.

One Response to “More American-style Fascism”

  1. Pat Buchanan is right, white people are the only thing that is keeping Western Civilizaiton proped up. Do you really want America to be like a black ghetto? Do you want to be like all the crappy Latin American countries? I don’t.

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