How American fascism manifests and institutes itself

In conjunction with my other posts on this topic, this story at the International Herald Tribune shows how the so-called “culture war” is waged against well-meaning citizens and residents. Instead of being pleased by the idea of their children learning another language and gaining a better understanding of the world via that route, the pre-fascist “culture warrior” feels that his or her lifestyle is directly threatened and control over his/her child’s upbringing has been lost. Rather than having children who are independent thinkers with broad horizons, the American fascist does everything in his/her power to ensure that his/her children will share the same narrow, un-cultured worldviews.

“It is much easier to see how, working through the system — the school
system, the media, the religious organizations, the government,
businesses and the like — you can promote radical Islam.”

It’s also easy to see how through the system, Mr. Pipes will institute a fascism into mainstream American culture.

“Pipes refers to this new enemy as the “lawful Islamists.”

If you recall the so-called Kristalnacht in Nazi Germany, law-abiding Jewish store-owners and businessmen had their homes and businesses looted and destroyed simply for being Jewish. This fear of “lawful Islamists” is the exact same phenomenon. We must do everything possible to counteract these fascists in our culture from gaining power and/or popularity. Pay attention, fascist rhetoric also turns up in immigration discussions.

~ by Daniel on 28 April, 2008.

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