$47/Month to talk in my car?

After my two-year contract with Verizon is up next month, I’m getting rid of it.  Life without a cell phone may seem foreign to all of you out there who can’t remember what the world was like 10 years ago, but I have my reasons …

When you consider what you are actually paying for, is it really worth the minimum $50/month you’ll be paying?  Maybe if your job or lifestyle requires it, but mine certainly doesn’t right now … I’m essentially paying for the ability to talk while driving — is it really worth that much money?  Free nights and weekends sweeten the deal a little bit, but Skype has already beaten the crap out of this.  With Skype, I can pay $3 a month and talk to any phone in the world for as long as I want, any day at any time.  So I really am paying $47 a month to talk in my car or at the grocery store.  I’d rather have the money to pay for gas and groceries.  Maybe if they had a plan for grad students whose parents don’t pay for everything, I’d be interested.  And I hate sitting here plugging Skype (and its parent company Ebay), but right now it’s the best option out there for people who want the best bang for their buck, plus they actually port to Linux — not many companies out there even bother, so I gotta show a little love.

I’d love to hear from others about their cell phone plans.  Anybody know of a good, cheap cell plan so I can keep calling my girlfriend from the store to ask “Whole or 2%?”

~ by Daniel on 22 April, 2008.

3 Responses to “$47/Month to talk in my car?”

  1. I have a couple of thoughts on this. First, there is a good, inexpensive option to “post paid” cell. It is called “pre-paid” and the leader of that pack is TracFone (www.Tracfone.com) Phone is about $15 bucks, and you only pay for what you use. The more minutes you pre-buy cheaper they minutes are; but there are no monthly charges, no taxes each month, NADA but the minutes you use.

    The other point is you can save more if you drop your land line, and keep you cell for use wherever you are (car, office, home, beach, friend’s house, Ralph’s office etc.)

    Finally, speaking of Skype, take a look at some of the wifi enabled devices coming out. Sony has this thing called the MyLo and it is a Skype phone that works on wifi, and I think it comes able to work at one of the national wifi networks.

    Sam Simon
    PIRG 1970

  2. Sam,

    Thanks for the suggestions. I’m considering this TracFone thing for emergency situations and text-messaging only. I’ve had previous experience with pre-paid phones and as long as you don’t talk much and use mostly texts, you can stretch a dollar pretty far.

    As for land line, I actually haven’t had one since 2004 and I figure Skype is a nice alternative. And I WILL look into the MyLo! Sounds like telephony heaven!


  3. i drink skim milk bee-otch!

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