News Links — Caffeine Buzz Edition (sorry it’s a day late!)

I have a solution to this problem: Government should give us all internet either free of charge or on the cheap, with better bandwidth, and just cut out ComCrap altogether. Except we have no government money because it’s all being spent on a worthless occupation …

Hmm, you could buy another crappy Microsoft product full of security issues and Blue Screens of Death … or you could just use a Linux distro already perfectly suited for the job …

This polygamy row is an interesting intersection of religion and law in the United States. The Amish, for example, don’t get any trouble for whatever they teach their children, but Mormon Fundamentalists do … I’m no fan of fervent religion, but I think adults have a right to believe whatever crazy crap they want, as long as it doesn’t infringe on another’s pursuiit of happiness. That said, the children in this group generally have no idea what the outside world is like and so may not be damaged by their experiences until they are inserted to mainstream culture … On the other hand, they are children and shouldn’t be forced to live by extreme (and illegal, in this case) conditions their parents foist upon them. Instead of marrying 14-year-olds, maybe these sects should be more like the Amish and allow older teens to enter the mainstream world and decide which life they prefer … Or maybe we should give them reservations, like the American Indians, and just let them do whatever it is they feel necessary to reach God? It’s pretty fucked however you slice it.

Finally, we need more articles like this one.


~ by Daniel on 20 April, 2008.

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