Good News on the Nader Front!

According to Nader’s regularly sent email (to which I subscribe) and a news post on his website, a recent Michigan poll has him receiving as much as 10% of voter support in a race against Clinton and McCain, while an Obama/McCain opposition would have him around 8%. The email goes on to say that this reflects national polling, with a recent Fox study showing support as high as 14% for our boy, Nader! That’s one in seven people!

Considering the near-blackout of media coverage, these numbers are especially remarkable! Keep on pluggin’ Ralph … The rest of you, please consider voting for a truly progressive politician.

~ by Daniel on 15 April, 2008.

One Response to “Good News on the Nader Front!”

  1. I hope these polls will hold up in the election numbers. I was very disappointed in the percentage he got last election. Hopefully enough people are fed up with the corporate duopoly to make him a force in this election.

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