The Consumerist Agenda

This isn’t news, but it’s reported in America for Americans to be aware of.  It’s a textbook example of how Americans are made to perceive consumerist capitalism as the ‘best of all possible worlds.’  By seeing a bunch of Cubans lining up excitedly to buy cell phone plans, it reaffirms the idea that ‘everyone wants to be like us.’  Their ‘desire’ to be like us may or may not be real, but it also may or may not be good for them.

Getting through the day without a cell phone is unthinkable now in most developed countries, but Cuba’s government limited access to cell phones as well as kitchen appliances, hotels and other luxuries in an attempt to preserve the relative economic equality that is a hallmark of social life in communist Cuba.’

This passage subtly re-affirms that the ‘relative’ economic equality in the United States would mean no more luxuries.  The use of the word ‘relative’ makes it sound like it’s dangerous to even consider such a fantasy.


~ by Daniel on 14 April, 2008.

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