Don’t forget about open source apps

I keep seeing people excited over the new Adobe Photoshop Express online application.  Everyone’s favorite feature is the cost: free

So I fell like I should remind people that there are already FREE applications out there for you to use: open source software.

Be sure to check out GIMP  for your photo editing needs, whether you use Windows, Mac, or Linux.  It’s comparable to Photoshop and ahead of Photoshop Express in terms of features.  And the best part, it gets corporate software off of your computer!


~ by Daniel on 29 March, 2008.

4 Responses to “Don’t forget about open source apps”

  1. You are right

    but here is the problem with the open source apps, AWARENESS.

    not much people know About the open source apps.

    I know that majority of people here In Saudi arabia don’t about it.

  2. I also think Photoshop Express’ strength is the fact that it’s online so you can edit anywhere without having to install the software so you can use it even in an internetcafe.

  3. Mazensh, you’re totally right, it’s all about awareness, hence my post! Fortunately, there are now tons of Linux blogs going, but there still is widespread ignorance of open source apps, even (especially) in professional communities… Where do you live in Saudi Arabia? I lived in Dahran as a child

    bobblhead, you’re totally right, online apps have that strength… They are necessary for people who don’t own computers and use internet cafes or libraries. I would imagine that Adobe has put together a strong package, but they wouldn’t even be offering it for free if there wasn’t already competition elsewhere.

  4. I live in dhahran too
    you can see my blog:


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