News Links (fuzzy details edition)

I’m not seeing the jump in logic here.  How can an extra $600 in my pocket create jobs?  Are they trying to say that if we go out and blow it, somehow all these new openings will be created?  What if we all go out and blow our money at different times?  What if we use it to pay down debts?  What if we stick it in savings?  What if we all spend it at, will they have to hire extra people to work the mail room?  Seriously, how did this reporter report this quote and then provide ZERO details explaining the logic of the statement?  The ONLY purpose of this is to put a glow on the rebate policy by hoping nobody questions the statement.  Meanwhile, BBC News reports that Americans are tightening their belts.

Best argument yet in favor of improving schools.

~ by Daniel on 28 March, 2008.

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