Atheist movement?

I just read this post about taking sides in the atheist ‘movement.’ The author makes a pretty good argument against the wisdom of such a thing as a movement, instead calling for a movement of rationalism. I can dig that.

I am deeply divided between atheist zealotry and moderation; within myself I have found a deep-seated anger at religious institutions for their history of, to put it dramatically, enslaving the minds of mankind.

I recall hearing a quote from a rabbi on TV or the radio about how it was important to vote into office men and women of any religious affiliation, because it means they aren’t atheists who serve only their own un-anchored principles. This is when I realized that people who believe (or assume they believe ) have zero understanding of us. They think we serve Satan and have no ethics or morals, because they assume all moral codes come from a divine command.

We are more widely hated and misunderstood than homosexuals, but it’s easier for us to stay in the closet by just smiling and nodding.


~ by Daniel on 27 January, 2008.

One Response to “Atheist movement?”

  1. Yeah, I remember all the Atheist Bashings that occur every year and I weep for your pain. We have it pretty good merely being gay.

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